Redeemed for a price

Last week my puppies got out of the yard and ran away.  When I learned about them being missing, I searched for them. Because I was away I did not hear that they were gone until the next day.  I immediately began a search.  However, I did not search for them by walking around, but I used the computer and the phone to do my search.  I found information from each of the three close animal shelters and called and sent emails.  Because it was Friday night, I wasn’t able to get in touch with anyone. On Saturday morning, I posted on Facebook.  One of my friends, Ronnie, let me know how to contact the local police for information about lost dogs.  Through this phone call, I was able to determine that the dogs were picked up by the local police and sent to a local dog shelter.  What a relief! Later Saturday morning, the animal shelter called and said that the dogs were in their care until Monday when I could pick them up.  Apparently they had wandered on Thursday night all the way to the local McDonalds.  The police were not able to locate them that night.  Friday morning after wandering around, the dogs followed a child home and the child’s grandmother called. The dogs were picked up and taken to the shelter.  On Monday morning, we picked up the dogs, but before we did, we had to pay for them.  The paperwork says that each dog was redeemed for a price. The dogs were assured that they were loved and forgiven.  We brought them home to live forever.

This reminds me of what God does for us.  Before I knew Christ as my Savior, I wandered around from one thing to the next not really knowing where I was going, following after others in search of my home.  But God was pursing me. God found me where I was.  Although the world changes, He never does. Before I was saved, He used others to care for me, just like He used my friend Ronnie and the local police.  God redeemed me; He paid for me with the blood of His Son on the cross.  Once I was redeemed, I was brought home to live with Him.  God forgives me and gives me eternal life.  He loves me!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him has eternal life.